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stationary pipe dock hardware Enjoy the waterfront without all the expense.

We are offering this line of residential stationary dock hardware at the request of our customers who prefer to build their own docks and don’t want to have more money invested in the hardware than in the rest of their dock. This hardware is great for the do-it-yourself projects.

This line of boat dock hardware is specifically designed for use in calmer water areas free of strong currents and gusty winds. The hardware is fabricated from steel and then is either hot-dipped galvanized, zinc plated or industrial painted for long lasting service. By using 2" x 6" lumber, 5/16" galvanized carriage bolts and 1-7/8” O.D. pipe; our hardware makes the novice a pro when building a stationary pipe dock.

Why invest twice as much money in commercial grade dock hardware, when only you and your family will be using the dock.

Building a dock usually requires an assortment of components. Please, contact us before placing your order, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Note: We also have dock pipe brackets available for 1-5/8” and 2-3/8” O.D. pipe. Please, contact us for more information about these brackets and pricing.

Please be sure to take a look at our pictures on the “more info” page and see the benefits this product has to offer.

solar 510 hook bracket

Hook Bracket 510


510 Quantity
more info
515 eye bracket

Eye Bracket 515


515 Quantity
more info
516 rectangular backing plate

Rectangular Backing Plate 516


516 Quantity
more info
555 Straight Bracket

Straight Bracket 555


555 Quantity
more info
552 Rectangular Backing Plate

Rectangular Backing Plate 552


552 Quantity
more info
straight bracket long

Straight Bracket (long) 555-L

Out of Stock $18.95

555L Quantity
more info
562 rectangular backing plate

Rectangular Backing Plate 562

(2 needed for 555-L install)


562 Quantity
more info
570 right outside bracket

Right Outside Bracket 570


570 Quantity
more info
575 left outside bracket

Left Outside Bracket 575


575 Quantity
more info
576 inside corner bracket

Inside Corner Bracket 576


576 Quantity
more info
562 rectangular backing plate

Rectangular Backing Plate 562 (need 2 plates / corner)


562 Quantity
more info
525 8" base plate

8" Base Pad 525


525 Quantity
more info
625 12" base plate

12" Base Pad 625


625 Quantity
more info
635 dock stabilizer kit

Dock Stabilizer Kit 635


635 Quantity
more info

Dock Stabilizer Kit (short)


635-40 Quantity
more info
903 sand auger

Sand Auger 903


903 Quantity
more info
595 sand auger wrench

Auger Wrench 595


595 Quantity
more info
593 pipe driving cap

Pipe Driving Cap 593


593 Quantity
more info
1-7/8" Cap

Round Post Safety Cap

per 24 caps


more info
36” Cushion for 1-7/8” O.D. Pipe

36" Dock Cushion for 1-7/8" Pipe Out of Stock



more info
460 fastener kit

Dock Fastener Kit 460


460 Quantity
more info
clevis pins with clips

Bulk Dock Fastener Kit 462


462 Quantity
more info
480 dock ramp hinge kit

Dock Ramp Hinge Kit 480


480 Quantity
more info
Ramp Roller Kit

Ramp Roller Kit


RRK-459 Quantity
more info
640 bench bracket kit

Bench Bracket Kit 640


640 Quantity
more info

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