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Q: How do you figure shipping?

For small orders that ship Fed-Ex, UPS or USPS we pack the order and figure out the cost based on weight and measurements. On large shipments please call or e-mail us for freight quotes. We check rates and get the best deal for you.

Fed-Ex Ground can ship several floats at a time. For large quantities other truck shipping arrangements will be made. If you can get a business to accept the truck shipment, you will save a residential fee (usually $50.00 or more).

Q: Returning Items?

We will only accept returns for items that are unused, and are returned within 30 days from date of purchase. All returns must have an authorization number. To assure you are credited the return number must be on all packages. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Buyer is also responsible for return shipping charges.

Q: Can I pick up dock floats at the plant?

Sometimes, it saves to pick up yourself. You should have the necessary straps and equipment to do this. We do not have rope or straps available for this purpose. We want you to get your load home safely. If you pick up at the plant you will pay sales tax. Customers will need to make arrangements with us prior to pick up at the plant. This will assure that the order will be ready when you arrive.

Q: How do you figure how much flotation to buy?

There are a number of factors to ask before you figure flotation requirements. For a homeowner’s dock with a couple of people, we use about 5# per square foot to calculate flotation. It isn’t easy to get this exact number but you can come close. The lower the dock is to the water, the more stable it will be. The more footprint in the water (the amount of surface water covered by floats) the more stable it will be.

Next, you should figure the height of the float. We have 12” and 16” high floats in our models. The lower the float, generally the more stable the dock will be. The example is a homeowners dock 4’ wide and 20’ long. The amount of square feet of dock is first determined by multiplying 4’ x 20’ = 80 square feet. Next figure out what size float you would like to use. We will show two examples:

A float (FT-244812) 2’ x 4’ x 12”, floats 18 sq. ft. each. Divide 80 sq. ft. by 18 sq. ft. = 4.4 floats – 5 would be needed.

A float (FT-244816) 2’ x 4’ x 16”, floats 24 sq. ft. each. Divide 80 sq. ft. by 24 sq. ft. = 3.3 floats – 4 would be needed.

Keep in mind, that these are rough calculations. The dock weight, material, decking, and etc. will affect the actual amount of flotation you need. (Example is based on the dock section(s) not exceeding 5 lbs. per sq. ft.)

Q: What type of floats do you offer?

We sell air filled floats for residential use only. They carry a 90-day warranty. The wall thickness is a minimum of .150 and they are made from 100% virgin grade polyethylene. Our floats are tested to the exact amount of weight it takes to submerge a float. You probably can buy a cheaper float, but you will hate it when the floats fail and you have to buy new.

Q: What size and type of lumber should I use to build my dock?

We would normally recommend 2” x 6” as a minimum for side stringers.

If you are building a wood dock, it is best to build the sections as long and wide as you can. Generally if you look, you can find 20’ long 2” x 6” for side stringers. The wider you build the dock the more stable it will be. Concerning wood size, if you look around your area you can see what people have used in the past and use that as a guide. Some areas we sell to have really rough conditions. They have used double 2” X 8”s for side stringers.

Decking generally is 5-quarter cedar decking. Or some people use pressure treated decking. Natural cedar for the dock frame and the deck boards is highly recommended. Natural cedar is also light in weight, which makes installation and removal of the dock sections fast and easy!

Q: Do I have to take it out in the winter?

We strongly recommend that you remove your dock from the water in the winter. The moving ice can tear up a dock quickly. Therefore, the rule of thumb is if there is ice on the body of water, the dock should be removed.

Q: What size hoop pile holders do I need to buy?

If you are in a fairly protected area, 2” pipe will work fine. If you have a pile driver on your body of water, it some times pays to have pilings driven permanently.

Generally, the more piles you have in a dock the better off you’ll be when high wind hits.

You should have 1” - 2” play between the piling and the hoop pile holder.

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