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Dock Wheels12" DOCK WHEELS

Protect Your Investment!

Consider it cheap insurance!

These 12" dock wheels will mount on the leading corner or sides of your dock to protect your boat and dock from errors in navigational judgement.

If you bump this roller on the way in, it will help roll you around the corner or along the side the dock instead of taking a chunk out of your boat.

The wheels are formulated from marine grade PVC and designed to be both soft and strong. It provides great cushioning under impact and will always return to the original form. It is made for a long life with UV and antifungal protection and will not fade tear or become waterlogged.

Note! These dock wheels are intended to be used on inland lakes and rivers. Maximum boat length of 24’ or under 4,000 pounds.

Please be sure to take a look at our pictures by clicking on the “more info” page and see the benefits this product has to offer.

12" Dock Wheel - Pipe

12" Dock Wheel / Pipe





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