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Pier Pleasure replacement canopyBoat Lift Replacement Canopy

(fits Ridgeline boat lift frames)

Free Shipping on any Replacement Canopy purchase!

These replacement canopies have a typical 12" valance. To attach the canopy, hooked bungee attaches to d-rings and hook
over aluminum bar running across the bows on frame.

Boat lift replacement canopies for Ridgeline boat lifts come in a variety of lengths, widths, fabrics, and colors. You can customize your replacement canopy based on your needs.  Each boat lift replacement canopy cover is built to a specific set of engineered details so that our automated equipment can accurately cut each cover precisely over and over again for a beautiful and functional fit. 

Purchase with confidence knowing you are buying one of the best replacement canopies in the industry!

boat lift frame

REMINDER: Measure carefully! All canopies are "made-to-order" and are thus specific to your order. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Choose Your Size Carefully, then Click on the Corresponding Part Number

RL2000096 20' X 96" 20' 96" 16' 100"
RL2000108 20' X 108" 20' 108" 16' 112"
RL2400108 24' X 108" 24' 108" 20' 112"
RL2200120 22’ X 120” 22' 120" 18' 124"
RL2400120 24' X 120" 24' 120" 20' 124"
RL2600120 26' X 120" 26' 120" 22' 124"
RL2800120 28' X 120" 28' 120" 24' 124"
RL3000120 30’ X 120” 30' 120" 26' 124"
RL3200120 32’ X 120” 32' 120" 28' 124"
**If dimensions don't match above, contact us for additional detail sheet**

Questions?? Please see our contact link at the top of this page.

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